The Where's My Post Office Project

Thanks for checking out our site and wanting to know a little more about it.
There isn't a whole lot to talk about, we're a small team of two whole people who decided to make a site focused on helping people quickly find directions and hours for their local USPS post offices and other facilities. The USPS site itself, we found, is a bit lacking in this department, but that's just our opinion. They do the best they can with what is made available to them.

That aside, we also run a small business and mail around 50 to 100 packages a week. After looking up directions a few times and reminding myself of the hours (and lunch breaks etc) I figured I'd just make a tool to help myself and others who bounce around from one post office to another (I have 4 that are around the same distance from me, so on any given day I may choose one over the other - also some have 24 hour lobbies where I can drop off while others only have an outdoor drop off after hours).

So, yep, that's about it. Nothing too novel or exciting. We just hope to fill what we saw as a small gap for a slightly improved (we hope) version of what USPS currently offers - with reviews, directions in one click from your phone, an explanation of what all the services available actually are, etc.

Thanks again for checking in! -Mike